Help Wanted

In an effort to work better with the regional fan groups and conventions, the Brony Thank You Fund is putting out a call for volunteers willing to act as regional directors for the Fund in the following geographic areas:

  • US Southeast
  • US Midwest/Central
  • US Southwest
  • US Southeast
  • US Northwest
  • Eastern Canada
  • Western Canada
  • Europe
  • Asia

Directors will be expected to attend as many of the regional conventions as possible.  Membership fees and table fees will be covered by the fund.  They will also be responsible for recruiting and supervising volunteers at conventions and other events, developing fundraising drives, and working directly with convention staff to coordinate charity events.

This is a chance to make a positive impact in the world, as well as offering the chance to possibly interact with voice actors and actresses, show staff, well-known bronies, and other friends of the Fund.

The fund is also seeking a qualified individual based in New England to serve as Fund treasurer.  Applicants should have experience with double-entry bookkeeping and previous non-profit experience if possible.

To apply for any of the positions listed, write to